Spring Flavors E-Juice

Now that the winter storms are fading away and the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to enjoy spring.  Spring gives us the opportunity to be outside and appreciate many outdoor activities. The best news is that we can finally have our portable vaporizers outside. This spring season try HeadVape’s best Spring Flavors E-juice.


Taste The Rainbow E-Juice

Check out one of our newest e-liquids. Quickly becoming one of our most popular flavors the Taste the Rainbow has the great taste of your favorite fruity candy. Enjoy the entire goodness without any of the sugar. A light and flavorful vapor that is great at any time of the day.



jolly-farmer-e-juiceJolly Farmer E-juice

If you are more into natural fruity flavors, HeadVape offers the Jolly Farmer e-juice. A great mixture of berries, melons, and rays of sunshine that will keep your pen vaping all day. Perfect for the park or strolling at the farmers market. Vape away and enjoy this smooth tangy flavor.



wild-chamomile-e-juiceWild Chamomile E-Juice

Did you know? Chamomile is a type of Daisy. Chamomile tea is often recommended to help a person relax from everyday stress. The wild chamomile e-juice will help you stay calm during the spring. Enjoy this aromatic E-liquid sitting at your patio or walking around the town.



hibiscus-power-e-juiceHibiscus Power E-juice

Now that spring is here, flowers are blooming and nature is showing its beautiful colors.  Hibiscus power e-liquid is a delightful flavor with floral notes. The result of this e-liquid is a sweet mellow and delicious vape, perfect for those upcoming outdoor Spring BBQs.



raspbery-lemonade-e-juiceRaspberry Lemonade E-juice

Speaking of BBQs get out your portable vape pens and try the Raspberry Lemonade e-liquid. A Sweet and refreshing lemonade flavor that makes for an easy all-day-vape. This mixture is perfect for an afternoon vape. Try it while at the beach or park.



sweet-georgia-peach-e-juiceSweet Georgia Peach E-Juice

Now that spring is here, eating Georgia’s juiciest fruit export sounds delicious. The Georgia peach e-liquid has a tart and sweet flavor that is fresh. The decadent and juicy peach e-juice feels like you just bit into Sweet Georgia Peach. This fruity and fresh e-liquid is yet another classic HeadVape flavor. Perfect after any meal or driving in your car.



HeadVape offers e-smokers the highest quality flavors and ingredients in the market that will satisfy your taste buds and nicotine cravings. Come try all the flavorful e-juice options HeadVape has this spring. All our e-juices can be ordered at the nicotine level of your choice.