Check the Battery on Your Essential Vaporizer

How to check your Battery Level on your Head Vape Essential Oil Portable Vaporizer Transcript

Hey guys welcome to HeadVape. I’m going to teach you a one simple function of your vaporizer pen so you know how much power you have. You don’t want to leave on a weekend or a trip and your battery is about to die. So, the way we fixed that is that you now have a color scheme for your button. If you button is green, you roughly have 100 to 75% battery life.

If you press the button and the button goes to blue, you’re roughly at 74 to 36%, and if you press your button and you go to red, you know that your pen has less than 34% of battery life, less than 35% of your battery life. So I wouldn’t go off for the weekend with a 35% battery. Another simple way for you to keep in touch with your pen and make sure that you go without it, okay.